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Temple Board - HTCC

Temple Board

Office Bearers

Name Title Email
Mohan Akella Chairperson
Manjunath Lakshmipathy Vice Chairperson
Sridhar Somisetty Executive Committee President
Ashvin Patel Executive Committee Vice President
Sravan Mandumula Treasurer
Prasanna Bujimalla Joint Treasurer
Janakiram Akella Secretary
Surendranath Vallabhajosyula Joint Secretary


Name Phone Email
Prasad Palakurthy
Mohan Akella
Nutan Sahai
Manjunath Lakshmipathy
Mohan Akella
Rakshak Sarda 515-509-4776
Surendranath Vallabhajosyula
Sridhar Somisetty
Suren Gupta
Prasanna Bujimalla
Atul Gupta
Ashvin Patel
Janakiram Akella
Sravan Mandumula

Honorary Members

Nagesh Gupta
Bhupen Patel

Patron Member

Mrs. Urmila Sahai