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April 2021 HTCC Board Election and AGBM - HTCC

April 2021 HTCC Board Election and AGBM

Dear Devotees,
As we continue to operate Temple services under COVID-19 guidelines, we will continue virtual format for General Body Meeting and Electronic Voting. Please note Key milestones related to AGBM and Election activities. Your participation will be greatly appreciated.
Please contact me with any questions at

Details about these activities are listed below.


Election Committee

For 2021 Election Committee comprises -
  • Viren Amin
  • Yogesh Gonchigar
  • Srinivas Koneru
  • Chandershekaran Vijayaraghavan

There are 5 board positions to be filled.
Nomination window is now closed. Below is the list of candidates and their profile information.

Name Campaign Pitch
Anurag Joshi Anurag Joshi Profile Writeup
Janakiram Akella Janakiram Akella Profile Video Profile Writeup
Manjunath Lakshmipathy Manjunath Lakshmipathy Profile Video
Smita Nishant Smita Nishant Profile VideoProfile Writeup
Sravan Mandumula Sravan Mandumula Profile VideoProfile Writeup
Sreedhar Somisetty Sreedhar Somisetty Profile Video Profile Writeup
Sumit Chawla Sumit Chawla Profile Video Profile Writeup


  • No Floor Nominations are available in the electronic format.
  • Voting privileges are for eligible members only. A final list of eligible members, will be distributed by April 5th.
  • Eligible members will also receive electronic voting forms along with instructions to complete voting.

Electronic Ballot

Using industry standard encryption and authorization protocols will be used to generate codes and electronic vote/data is secure.
Your vote stays anonymous.

Manual Ballot

In an unlikely circumstance when you are unable to vote electronically, reach out to election committee no later than April 12th for a manual ballet along with your mailing address.
Last date to mail back manual ballet is April 21.

Eligible Members List for 2021

Eligible Member List

Virtual AGBM Agenda

Virtual Annual General Body Meeting on the April 25th 1 PM CT

Agenda for virtual GBM will be finalized and sent soon along with connection details. We will be using webinar format. Questions must be submitted via email

  • 1:00 PM : Prayer - Priests
  • 1:10 PM: Welcome address and Call to Order by Chairperson/Co-Chairperson
  • 1:20 PM: Ratify Agenda of 2021 - by members present virtually
  • 1:30 PM:
    • Treasurer Report - Treasurer
    • Temple project updates
  • 2 PM - 3 PM:
    • Address questions submitted electronically
    • Election Results
    • Vote of thanks & conclusion