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Sponsorship Opportunities - HTCC

Sponsorship Opportunities

Donation Pledge and Membership forms
(A Nonprofit Organization: IRS Tax ID: 42-149-1762 )

Please donate generously. Your Temple needs your support.

You can donate by clicking on the "Donate" link below. This will take you to our Secure PayPal page. By clicking on this link you will be leaving the temple site to open PayPal website and agree to PayPal terms and conditions. 

You don't need to have a PayPal account to use this service and also you can enter special instructions (such as special assignment/purpose) for the temple. 

The amounts will be tracked by the temple for charitable contribution purposes in the same manner as in-person contributions at the temple. 

If you would like to use a check for the donation, please make the check favoring "HTCC" and mail the check to the address below or drop it off in the temple hundi. If you like us to use your donation for a specific purpose please fill in and mail/drop off the appropriate form at the bottom of this page:

PO Box 100
Granger, IA 50109
If you would like to pledge your donation for the repair of our roof, please use the below form:
Roof Repair Donation Form
Please use the following form for temple membership.
Temple Membership Contribution Form

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